Step into your power

7 Day Kick Start

Jan 24th - Jan 30th

Defeat excuses.Break free from stagnant health trends and discover a new path of vitality and fulfillment.

Re-energise your life

Are you tired of feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns that are holding you back?
Are you fed up with being on the trend bandwagon?
Are you watching your life go by?
Know that your potential is sitting unused?

Life the life you dream

Our 7 Day Kick Start program is designed specifically for women who are ready to break free and embrace a new, vibrant lifestyle.

Unlock Your Potential. Embrace the Journey.

What you get

10 hours content

- 5 live sessions
- Unlimited messaging/ email support for 7 days
- 9 pre-recorded meditations & somatic practices
- 5 pre-recorded videos on the biology
- Journal prompts each day
- A community of support

MelNourished in collaboration with Inner Authenticity

Meet your guides

Led by two experts in transformational coaching and holistic nutrition, this program offers a holistic approach to re-energize your life.

Melanie Roskam

A Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach with a deep understanding of the body's natural desire to thrive. Melanie’s expertise lies in uncovering the root causes of illness and guiding individuals towards holistic wellness.

Roselle O'Brien

A Certified Transformational Life Coach with extensive additional qualifications in IFS (Internal Family Systems), ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), DBT, and more. Roselle is passionate about guiding individuals to heal and balance their inner worlds, fostering transformative changes in their lives.

Join now for only $50kick-start your journey to a healthier, happier you.

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We're social beings, stop trying to do it alone

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It's not a sign of weakness to not be able to break patterns on your own.We weren't designed to do it alone.Find your tribe.Join us.